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Pistachio Ice Cream with Pomegranate Syrup

Move over, neon green ice cream. 

How about a honey-sweet ice cream, mixed with fresh, chopped pistachios?  And for a more sophisticated twist, why not top it with some sweet-tart pomegranate syrup?

This is a flexible recipe.  If you don't have pistachios, add in another kind of nut, or leave it out all together for some lovely honey ice cream.  Guests to impress?  Layer pistachio ice cream with the syrup and then scoop it out to reveal pretty ribbons of pomegranate running through the pistachio ice cream.  Don't feel like fussing?  Just pour the pomegranate syrup on top, for a sundae effect.  Or skip it altogether, and serve your pistachio ice cream plain, maybe with just another sprinkle of pistachios.  You won't regret it. 

There are no rules here, friends. Just lots of ice cream!

It isn't Yummy Being Green

I love ice cream as a sweet, nourishing treat for my family because I can make it out of wholesome, nourishing ingredients like cream and eggs, and natural sweeteners, like honey. What's even more important is what's not in there - preservatives, additives, food coloring, high fructose corn syrup.  This is an ice cream that is designed to nourish and support little bodies, and I think you will find it both sophisticated and satisfying.  If you are not sure about raw eggs, you can omit them, but in our family, we are comfortable with the safety of our eggs and enjoy the creamy texture of this nutrient-dense treat.

Store-bought pistachio ice cream has always bothered me.  I adore pistachios, and adore ice cream, but I have never cared for pistachio ice cream.  It doesn't taste like pistachios.  Or nuts, even.  So, even though pistachio ice cream is one of the few ice cream flavors that you can find in the Middle East (besides the standard vanilla and chocolate), I never ate it. 

So for me, it was time to rescue this treat.  After all, pistachios are the darling nut of the Middle East, passed around in bowls when guests arrived, snacked on while watching the latest soap opera, sprinkled over pastries and puddings.  In fact, did you know that Israel has the highest per capita consumption of pistachios?  Which makes it a little awkward that the United States and Iran are the number one and number two largest exporters of pistachios.  You would think that this means that Israel and the United States are happy to keep the pistachios flowing between California and Tel Aviv, which they do, but still, Iranian pistachios keep finding their way into the Israeli black market.  I guess they are just that good.  (You can read more about this pistachio intrigue here: "Pistachio Perplexity")

As you can see, we have a thing for pistachios.  Can you see why?


Pistachio Ice Cream with Pomegranate Syrup

3 cups heavy cream
1 cup whole milk
1/2 cup honey
2 egg yolks
dash of sea salt
3/4 cup chopped unsalted roasted pistachios

Toppings:   Pomegranate Syrup, chopped pistachios

Mix cream, milk, honey, yolks and salt together.  Follow your ice cream maker's instructions to churn your ice cream.  Freeze. 

To make a swirl:  Once your ice cream has formed, pour in the pistachios and make sure they are mixed in evenly.  Spread one half of your ice cream into a freezer-safe container.  Top with several spoonfuls of the pomegranate molasses.  Repeat.  Cover and freeze for at least two hours, or until firm.  Scoop and serve.


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